***Y&S LEXAN is ALL FLAT polycarbonate. NOT FORMED. Windows will take form once installed *** 

  • The Polycarbonate  we sell is 1/8" and 1/4" thick.
  • Regular NON scratch resistant lexan comes in 35% tint, 20% tint or clear all UV rated polycarbonate.
  • MARGUARD scratch resistant comes in clear & 35% UV rated polycarbonate.
  • The lexan is produced in different shades. The tint is not applied or able to peel off.
  • These windows are all hand cut. We will NEVER ship out anything we are not happy with. Perfection is what we aim for.
  •  If you choose to use hardware we prefer using bolts /screws with nylon nuts on the back. This way you adjust your own tension as needed.
  • We would rather the customer drill their own holes for rivets/bolts. This gives you the option to put however many and whatever size hardware you would like for your application.
  • If you choose to use rivets, the bit you drill through the lexan with should be slightly larger than the rivet you choose to allow for expansion and contraction due to temperature change.
  • Windows do not come with black boarder but you may do so yourself. 
  •  Everything that is shipped out will come with tracking and insurance.
  • We will NOT start on anyone's order until we receive payment. Once we begin producing your order the order CANNOT BE CHANGED! 

**No refunds once payment/ deposits are made unless there is an issue on our end. Make sure to go over your order before submitting payment because paypal fees are NON REFUNDABLE. PAYMENT FEES ARE NON REFUNDABLE.